Tonbi books specializes in selected books, printed matter, folk craft, folk toys and other artisanal items from Japan. We are Japan specialists and have backgrounds and professional experience in journalism, gallery curation and publishing. Using this on the ground expertise we select all the items with a desire to increase appreciation for the printed form, things made by hand, as well as cross cultural understanding.

The books are Japanese visual culture books, photography, graphic design, art, design, craft, subculture and pop culture books. Despite the digital push, Japan has a vibrant art, indie and underground book culture.  The focus is on iconic, interesting and exquisite tomes that will make the soul sing.


Tonbi are the majestic raptors that populate the Kanagawa coast. Gliding gracefully and riding the wind, they soar through the air with breathtaking grace. We wish to create a similarly uplifting experience through these items and encapsulate the joy of flight (well in our case, that would be travel)!


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