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Kawaii, Japan's Culture of Cute

Prestel UK, 2013

Editor: Ali Gitlow,

Design: Pony Ltd,

Photo: Geoff Johnson

Showcasing Japan’s astonishingly varied culture of cute, this volume takes the reader on a dazzling and adorable visual journey through all things kawaii.
Although some trace the phenomenon of kawaii as far back as Japan’s Taisho era, it emerged most visibly in the 1970s when schoolgirls began writing in big, bubbly letters complete with tiny hearts and stars. From cute handwriting came manga, Hello Kitty, and Harajuku, and the kawaii aesthetic now affects every aspect of Japanese life. As colorful as its subject matter, this book contains numerous interviews with illustrators, artists, fashion designers, and scholars. It traces the roots of the movement from sociological and anthropological perspectives and looks at kawaii’s darker side as it morphs into gothic and gloomy iterations. Best of all, it includes hundreds of colorful photographs that capture kawaii’s ubiquity: on the streets and inside homes, on lunchboxes and airplanes, in haute couture and street fashion, in cafés, museums, and hotels. Includes: Hello Kitty, Junko Mizuno, FRUITS magazine, Yosuke Ueno, tokidoki, Gloomy Bear, Nameneko, San-X, Eico Hanamura, Makoto Takahashi.

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