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Kicks Japan

Mark Batty, 2011

Given that many of the world’s top sneaker designers reside in Japan, a country with a thriving, at times absurd, consumer culture, it should come as no surprise that Japanese sneaker culture goes to a whole new level, especially in Tokyo. All over the world, Japanese sneakers are renowned for design and craftsmanship, generating a culture of sneaker obsession. Kicks Japan celebrates this obsession. 
This fashionable, sexy book features fantastic photography of Tokyo sneaker-related scenes, interviews with famous international artists that have collaborated with Japanese sneaker labels, local graffiti and tattoo artists, designers and skateboarders. Original photographs from sneaker and skate parties demonstrate just how rabid this subculture in in Japan.

Includes interviews with mita sneakers, USUGROW, Hisashi Tenmyouya, MADSAKI, Shin Tanaka, Feebee, DJ Kentaro, Shintaro Maruyama.

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