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Tattoo in Japan (2008) Sold out OOP

Japanese Buddhism x Horiyoshi III (2010)

Wabori, Traditional Japanese Tattoo (2014)

Sold out OOP

Manami Okazaki's tattoo related work has appeared in the Japan Times, Asian Geographic, INK publishing (in-flight magazines), Skin Deep, Tatowier, Skin and Ink, Tattoo Life, Tetovani, Inked (US), Tattoo Master, Burst, Dennis Publishing, Cover magazine, Waseda Uni English language text books, the Horimasa book, the Body Art book, and the Tattoo Bible book as well as documentary projects with Mediacorp and Dr Lakra.


With the exception of Martha Cooper's photographs, all the images in the book were arranged and coordinated by the author. Manami does not use fixers, and the contacts in the books were arranged by her.


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